Achieving Goals

You can achieve your goals by doing what successful people do. Achieving goals is what successful people know how to do. They know what they want, and their thoughts and actions are focused on achieving goals. You can do it too.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar


Short and long term goals

There are short-term goals, such as planting a garden or planning a party, and long-term goals, such as building a house or developing a new business. 

It’s easy to make a list of plants and tick them off once in the ground, watered and fertilized. You can see what’s been done. Business, financial, and personal goals may take longer, but they also need to be specific, achievable and measurable.

1. You can learn how to be successful at achieving goals.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. You don’t have to know in the beginning how to achieve goals you desire, but it’s important to get clear about your goals and how they will enhance your life. Once you’ve got clarity, match your emotion, your desire, to the goals. You need plenty of emotion so when you run into challenges and snags, you will keep going because you really, really want the dream to come true.

2. Visualize your success.

Visualize that you are achieving goals you’ve set, and that your success has become a reality. What does your success look like, feel like, even sound like? Make it as real as possible in your imagination. Your imagination is a powerful tool.

3. Set deadlines.

Make timelines realistic, but still challenging. Setting deadlines keeps you moving and on track. Deadlines are markers along the way. They may have to be altered, but keep timelines in mind and written down.

4. Keep goals visible.

Writing is more than just a physical activity. The intention of achieving goals has a way of entering your subconscious through putting pen to paper. Read the intended goals out loud often and even run your fingers along the words as you imagine how it will feel to have realized your dreams. Tack then or tape them up. Write them in a calendar or planner. Put them where you will see them often as constant reminders. You may even want to enlist a trusted friend or mentor to help keep you on track. Don’t share with people who will hold you back or not believe in your goals.

5. Step out of your comfort zone.

Our brains want us to remain in our comfort zones where we are safe and comfortable. To reach your big goals, you will have to change some of your thoughts and behaviors and that may cause you some uncertainty. That’s when you may want to fall back into your comfort zone and your brain, which wants to keep you safe, will want to keep you there. But once you’ve stepped out and accomplished something, your comfort zone will have expanded.

5. Take action.

If you’ve taken the steps to bring clarity and emotion to your desires, you will feel motivated to get things done. Focus on your dreams and take action, or they’ll remain just dreams.Your clarity plus desire will motivate you forward, even when you don’t have all the answers. You’ll find them.

The Universe gets behind you.

Once you’ve set the plan in action, and you keep your intention strong and focused, amazing things begin to line up to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes it seems magical how opportunities, ideas, and people show up to help you. Once you’re on your path, the goals may change, and that’s okay. Just make the necessary alterations and keep moving forward.

Old limiting beliefs

If you run into roadblocks, it could be your old subconscious limiting beliefs getting in the way. Make a list of what you believe about you and success. Can you still be ethical and honest and be successful? Do you believe you can do it? Do you believe the other shoe is going to drop? Are your beliefs really true? Take inventory of your beliefs, that may be blocking you from achieving your goals, and see if your thinking needs to change.

Become your best self !
Become your best self !


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