Core Values

Your core values are the principles that guide you through your life. They are the ideals that you value deeply that take you down life’s path.

“Basically, discipline, effort, patience and courage are hugely important core values for kids to grow up embracing.” Karen Salmansohn


Be true to yourself.

Your core values are behind your choices and decisions and the way you show up in your relationships, work, and play. When you align your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs with your core values, you are living with integrity. You are being true to yourself.


You have an internal guidance system.

It’s not that little angel or devil sitting on your shoulder that makes decisions for you and is in control of your actions. When you make a decision, good or bad, it’s your internal guidance system that knows the truth.

How does it know?

By how you feel. When you act with integrity, you know it. That’s when you experience a deep sense of well-being, satisfaction, and confidence. It’s that “gut feeling” that tells you you’re following your core values.

How do you align your guidance system?

It may take some “feeling” practice to be able to determine if your choices and behaviors are aligned with your guidance system. Becoming still, feeling the difference between true and false, and having the courage to act on the truth is a learning experience. With practice, and the satisfying feeling of living with integrity, you’ll know your internal guidance system is working for you.

How do you know which way to go?

A wise person once told me that when I have to make a decision about which path to take, I need to ask myself which path is for more love, beauty, abundance, harmony, peace, or whatever quality I desire that is for my greater good. She said that what is for my greater good is for THE greater good and can’t be of harm to someone else. That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever been given.

The final outcome

When you’re making a decision, which decision brings you that sense of well-being, even if you don’t know the final outcome? Remember, nothing is written in stone. You can change your mind and change direction.

There’s always another fork in the road.

There will inevitably be another fork in the road, another question to ask, and another decision to make. But when you live your life from the basis of your core values, you are living an authentic life that is true to yourself and a blessing to those you care about.

What are your core values?

Following is an abbreviated list of core values. How important are they to you? You may want to put a value of 1 – 5 on each to see where they fit into your life. All of them may be important to you, but some will stand out. Add other core values that are not on the list that are as important or more important to you than the ones listed.

love              honesty                 service          respect

beauty          knowledge          spirituality      relationship

diversity       family                  compassion   joy

power           prosperity           gratitude        community

truth             freedom              creativity        peace


Nothing greater than love

Love has been defined a thousand different ways. The dictionary says that love is an intense feeling of deep affection. But love isn’t just for romance, your family, or chocolate. It’s in the feelings that include affection and pleasure. It’s in how you treat people or even Mother Earth. Kindness, honor, respect, compassion, and care, are all wrapped up in love.

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