Growing Old Gracefully

Most of us want to live a long life, we just don’t want to grow old. Growing old gracefully is an art worth the effort.

Growing old may be something you don’t think about now, but how you handle you life now will have an impact on your later years. In my experience, people don’t change all that much. To be happy in old age is an extension of happiness when you’re younger. Wherever you are in years now, it’s never to soon to be the best you you can be to take forward with you.

“The best part of the art of living is to know how to grow old gracefully.” Eric Hoffer

It’s only time.

The clock keeps ticking and it doesn’t help to watch the clock. It’s better to relish each moment instead of regretting the past and worrying about the future. Why spend time in the past that no longer exists and in the future that hasn’t happened? Easier said than done, right? Being in the now and growing old gracefully takes practice.

At any age

  • Exercise. Check with your doctor before beginning a program. But age is no barrier to the benefits. You’ll look and feel better. You can even build muscle you may have thought was only for someone much younger.
  • Eat well. That means fruits, vegetables, good fat like olive oil, and foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and nuts for the brain and blueberries high in antioxidants.
  • Reduce stress. Change what you can and you’ll have better control over what you can’t. It’s never too late to learn to meditate.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep repairs the brain. Camomile tea in the evening, and lavender oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet or a few drops on your pillow may help. Regular exercise and the calming effects of meditation can help too.
  • Tap, tap, tap. Tapping works for just about anything or anyone  As we age, along with our cherished memories, we may take some of our problems with us…old hurts and wounds, aches and pains, painful memories, sadness. Tapping works at any age, but consistency and perseverance make a difference. Click on Body-mind Connection to learn more about tapping.


Growing old gracefully can be challenging. There’s the inevitable loss that comes with aging…a youthful body and physical strength, and, perhaps, loved ones. There may be fear of losing independence or of serious illness. Aging with a negative attitude can bring on depression, regret, isolation, and bitterness. Sometimes the biggest challenge is to make peace with our feelings about aging.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Those who are growing old gracefully aren’t dwelling on thoughts of getting older. They’re living mindfully, focusing on what’s working, being grateful for the good, and accepting changes that come with time. Growing old isn’t about giving up or letting down. Growing old gracefully often means not sweating the small stuff.

Alive and kicking

The old are survivors. They’ve survived multiple land mines, disappointments, unexpected detours, and dead-ends along the way that have been successfully disarmed, lived through, or avoided. There may have been some tough times but the survivors are still alive and kicking.

Spending valuable time

The health of older people is important to society as a whole, and health is in large part determined by how older people spend their time after retirement. There is research evidence that older people involved in community and social activities are healthier physically and mentally than other older adults. 

A win-win

Volunteering and aging often go hand in hand. Volunteering provides health benefits to older people as they provide benefits to organizations, agencies, and individuals. As people live longer and healthier lives, the time given to volunteering increases. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Attitude is everything.

Those that grow old gracefully find things that are truly important to them, such as life-long learning, hobbies, social groups, expanded family, travel, even new careers and businesses. Aging gracefully is aging with purpose, and attitude makes all the difference.

Become your best self !
Become your best self !


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