Healthy Relationships

We all want healthy relationships in our lives. It’s a basic human need to be loved and to love. Everyone is born lovable and with the ability to love.

Relationships can be very traumatic. But being in a healthy relationship can be very empowering.” Kangana Ranaut

Look inside first.

Your relationships with others begin with yourself. When you like yourself, even love yourself, then it’s easy to give and receive love. For your relationships to prosper, start with you.

Start here.

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Treat yourself with respect.
  • Say nice things to yourself.
  • Do the same for others..

Ask yourself these very important questions.

  • What are my beliefs about relationships?
  • What are my beliefs about love?
  • What are my beliefs about family?
  • What are my beliefs myself?
  • What are my beliefs about men,?
  • What are my beliefs about women?
  • Where did those beliefs come from?
  • Do I want to keep them or change them?

Are they really, really true?

If you come up with some negative attitudes, are they really true? If they are true wouldn’t everyone have them? People with loving, happy relationships have happy, loving, positive thoughts and beliefs about their relationships and the people in them. 

Healthy thoughts about yourself

If you feel regret, sorrow, guilt, anger, or shame, it may be difficult to have healthy relationships. If those feelings become a habit, they’re bad for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. They can put a strain on relationships. Healthy relationships require healthy thoughts that we can act on.

The evidence

What we believe is what we perceive. Evidence will pile up to confirm what is believed because beliefs create how our reality is perceived. We see, hear, and feel what we think is true, whether it’s actually true or not.

The future is in the now.

Your thoughts don’t change other people (We’ve all tried that.), but they will change relationships. If you have a healthy relationship with yourself, then you don’t allow others to disrespect, abuse, control, or manipulate you and you don’t do the same to others.

Miracles happen.

Miracles happen when we open our hearts to love. All of us were created to love. It’s only when others teach us that we’re unlovable or that certain others are unlovable, that problems begin. When we believe those lies, we begin to act as if they’re true and we close down to loving and being loved.

Feed yourself some love.

If you’re hungry for love, feed yourself some love before looking for it elsewhere. You deserve to be loved simply because you’re you. Anything else is a lie. Give some love to others through kindness and compassion. Once you start giving love, it’ll show up in your life. It’s like a magnet.

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