Mind Power

Your mind power is your biggest ally in achieving and experiencing abundance. It can also be the biggest roadblock. Abundance and prosperity mean different things to different people, so it’s what you think about prosperity that gives it meaning.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”    Marcus Aurelius

Your creative mind power

Your very thoughts are creative. Think about it…everything begins with a thought…the computer, the cup on your desk, the picture on the wall. Those items were just ideas once, not fully formed. 

Use the power of your mind to create the life of abundance you want to lead. You are much more powerful than you know. There are proven self-help programs on the Resources page to help you take the next step.

What do you believe?

It’s time to assess what you believe about prosperity, abundance and money, and what you believe about YOU and prosperity, abundance, and money. 

Old, negative ways of thinking and believing are sometimes hard to release, mainly because they’ve become habitual and unconscious, running undercover. Use your mind power to change your thinking. It takes practice, but you can do it.

10 ways to use your mind power to achieve prosperity:

1. Become aware of hidden beliefs. 

If your thoughts are negative, where did they come from? Reframe them into positive ones that make you feel good. Affirm them often. Visualize them being true.

  • “Money gives me a sense of freedom.”
  • “Money opens up new possibilities for me.”
  • “Being prosperous is my natural state.”

2. Think rich.

There’s an advantage to thinking rich. Thinking rich opens the imagination to possibilities. Being prosperous means more than just having money. Prosperity includes love, close family and friends, well-being, security,  and freedom to do what you like to do. In what ways are you already prosperous?

3. Give thanks for what you have.

Gratitude is powerful! The universe responds with more of what you’re grateful for. Make a list of everything and everyone you’re grateful for. As you begin to think about what you’re grateful for, prosperity will appear in surprising and unexpected ways—a promotion, someone special showing up, answers you’ve been looking for, a new opportunity.

4.  Repeat prosperity affirmations.

  • “I am abundantly paid for the value I give to my work.”
  • “Money flows easily into my life.”
  • “Being prosperous comes naturally to me.”
  • “I am grateful for the prosperity that continuously shows up in my life.”

Repeat your affirmations for 30 days and see what happens.

5.  Use your mind power to visualize prosperity.

What you think about money, particularly when strong feelings are attached, gives your thought more power. That’s true whether the feelings are positive or negative. Use your mind power to create positive thoughts  with positive feeling.

It’s important to focus on the good that money brings. Visualize the sense of freedom and well-being you experience when you think about having all that you need and more to live a prosperous life.

6. Share what you have.

The Universe responds with even more of what you give away. Helping others, sharing your money and love, is like a prosperity magnet. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. There is no limit to what the Universe can give. The Universe is infinite and so are Its gifts. Give with an open heart and watch what happens.

7. Expect prosperity.

Thoughts of abundance produce more abundance, and focusing on lack produces an experience of lack. Abundance has substance. Lack is an idea that has no substance. Give thanks for the prosperity you have and expect that more will show up. The Universe is your Source, not your job, not your boss, not your bank account. Those are just the channels. It’s your right to have an abundance of good in your life.

8. Use your imagination.

Imagine yourself as being prosperous, of having all the money you want to live life as you choose. Visualize a very detailed picture. What does prosperity feel like, look like and, yes, even taste, smell and sound like? Did you know that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagination? Imagine what it is you want, not what you don’t want. Imagination is vitally important, but you also have to move your feet.

9Risk stepping out.

Doing what you love may have some risks. Successful people take risks, but not without planning. Make a list of everything you love doing, and what you can make money doing.Research ways that you can use your skills to make money. Consult with others, and ask question, seek out resources locally and online—others will reach out to help you.

10. Step out of your comfort zone.

Change can be stressful. It’s easier to keep doing and thinking the same things because we know the outcome and we’ve survived. If you want different outcomes, you have to change your thinking and the things you do. “Keep thinking what you’ve thought and you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.”

A few more thoughts…

It takes practice to make a habit of thinking positively, particularly if you’ve been in fear of lack. Remember, lack is an experience; it has no substance. Make a list of what you believe about money in one column and the canceling affirmation in the other. For instance:  As your thoughts change so will your outer experience of prosperity.

  • “Money is hard to come by.”/ “Money flows into my life.”
  • “Mostly dishonest people have money”/ “I can do a lot of good with money.”
  • “I don’t make much money for what I do.”/”I’m well paid and valued for my work.”

Thinking positive and constructive thoughts are a part of being your best self. Do you have the ebook yet?

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Become your best self !


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