Tapping is exactly that… tapping with the fingers on specific meridian points on your body. Just as there are acupuncture points into which a slim needle is inserted to balance energy, there are points (called meridian points) along a pathway through the body that can be tapped with the fingers. Tapping sends a signal to the brain that can reduce and even alleviate fear, stress, pain, or a whole gamut of emotional blocks.

I know it works because I’ve used it for years. I’ve used it for everything and anything that has caused physical or emotional discomfort. It’s so simple and yet so effective. I’ve seen it work wonders with chronic physical pain, PTSD, debilitating memories, phobias, blocks to financial abundance, and resistant weight loss. It can be done anywhere, alone, with another person, or in a room full of people. 

“The cause of all negative emotions and beliefs is a disturbance in our body’s energy system.” Gary Craig

Remember, we have a bodymind, a partnership between what seems like two separate entities. How we think, our emotions, our beliefs, our attitude, our intentions, our stress levels have the upper hand. Of course, healthy food and exercise play important roles in our overall health, in relieving both physical and emotional stress, and bodymind components work together to bring about positive changes in the brain.

Financial freedom, for instance

Are you having financial problems no matter how hard you work? Do you have some beliefs about money or your ability to have more financial freedom and don’t know where they came from? Could they be holding you back? False beliefs, no matter how plausible they may seem right now, may be the stumbling blocks to more abundance flowing into your life. Don’t you want to get rid of them?

Weight loss and body image, for another instance

Have you been trying to lose those extra pounds and it’s always a struggle? Have they been lost and gained back a dozen times? Are you frustrated and unhappy with yourself? What if you could lose the weight and keep it off, without the struggle?

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t’s beneficial to receive some tapping instruction even though it’s a simple process. When you’re in the midst of an emotional or health issue it helps to be led through the process so you develop the confidence do it on your own.

Many of our emotional pains are a result of experiences and limiting beliefs that have become hardwired in our brains. Tapping can help eliminate the feedback loop that continues to show up and cause problems emotionally and physically.

Gary Craig originated Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a variation of tapping he learned while studying Thought Field Therapy with psychologist, Roger Callahan. From there Gary Craig simplified the process and developed his original EFT. Today there are other variations, all with the intention of interrupting and replacing emotional and physical pain with calm and confidence.

Tapping is effective for eliminating blocks to a multitude of issues. Tapping is non-invasive, easy to learn and simple to do, adaptable to any issue, can be done anywhere by anyone, and works even if you’re skeptical. The procedure is explained below.

These are the most used EFT meridian points:

Karate Chop point (KC) The side of the hand, the fleshy part under the little finger.Head (TH) The crown, or top of the head. Tap with all four fingers on either hand.

Eyebrow (EB) The inner edges of the eyebrows, next to the bridge of the nose. Use two fingers. Tap simultaneously on both eyebrows if desired.

Side of eye (SE) The bone at the edge of the eye. Use two fingers. Again, you can tap with both hands simultaneously.

Under eye (UE) The bone under the eye. Use two fingers, in line with the pupil. Use one hand or two hands, simultaneously.

Under nose (UN) The point  between the nose and the upper lip. Use two fingers.

Chin (CP) This point centered between the bottom of the lower lip and the chin.

Collarbone (CB) Below the knob on either side of the collarbone. Tap with four fingers or gently with your fist.

Underarm (UA) On the side, centered about four inches beneath the armpit. Use four fingers.

Repeat to complete the sequence.

The Tapping process:

1.Identify the problem or issue.

Example: I’m afraid to give a presentation to our business group. Why      the fear? Because I’m afraid I’ll forget my speech and look like a fool. The real fear isn’t giving the presentation; the real fear is looking foolish.

2. Measure the intensity level from 1 to 10.

10 is the most intense. Measuring allows you to measure change.

3. Determine a set up phrase for the karate chop point.

This includes the issue plus an affirmation statement. For example: “Even though I have this fear of feeling foolish, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Tap 3 times on the Karate Chop point

4. As you tap on each point, repeat a simple reminder phrase, such as “my fear of feeling foolish” or “my presentation”. Go around once.

5. Focus on your problem again and measure the anxiety now from 1 to 10, in comparison to when you began?. If your anxiety is higher than 2 or 3, do another round. You can tap until the fear is gone.

You can also change your set up statement and tap on the KC again. “Even though I still have some fear, I deeply and completely accept myself.” “Even though I’m still a little fearful about my presentation, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You’ve focused on the problem, now you can tap on replacing the fear with some positive feelings. This actually changes your body’s energy to a positive flow.

For example:

“I’m confident in my abilities.”

“I’m becoming more relaxed.”

“I’m looking forward to the positive changes.”

Continue until you feel your anxiety lessen and your confidence improve. Now think again of the initial problem. Measure from 1 to 10. Repeat if necessary.

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Become your best self !
Become your best self !


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